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Edit ArticleWhat is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A Content Management System or CMS is a simple a way of changing or adding content to a website. This system gives our customers direct control over their content and the freedom to make adjustments or add information to their site, quickly and easily. We understand that a business is not static and change is inevitable. Therefore it is crucial to communicate any alterations to customers as they occur and not at a later date. Now you can do this yourself through our user friendly, Content Management Systems.

How does a Content Management System (CMS) work?CMS

You simply access your website content through a Log In page, using a username and password. Once you have logged into your sites Content Management System, you can easily insert, edit or delete text. You do not need any specialist knowledge or additional software to use a Content Management System. We will provide you with all the information and training you need to use CMS, in a fully comprehensive format. You can access and change your content from any computer that has an internet connection, using your Log In details.

What are the benefits of keeping your content fresh and up to date?

Out dated and inconsistent information plagues many websites that do not have a Content Management System. They often are reliant on the company that created their site, to update their content and usually pay for this privilege. You can save money and time with CMS, which allows you to change your websites content quickly and easily. Content Management Systems offer you control and self-sufficiency. Now there is no need or excuse for frustrating existing and potential customers with obsolete and incorrect content.

It is worth remembering that search engines have a preference for sites that regularly update their content.

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